Rattail: Software for Retailers

Welcome to the Rattail project.

Rattail is a collection of free software designed for use in retail environments, available under the GNU General Public License, version 3.


There is a RattailDemo which is intended to show off various features of the software. It doesn't do much yet, but will be improved as the author has time.


Here is a conceptual diagram of a "complete" Rattail system. The name "Poser" refers to a custom app built atop Rattail and Tailbone (the web app for Rattail). All systems on the right hand side of the graphic are external to Poser/Rattail, i.e. they are not "plugins" although Poser may use plugin-like logic for the sake of integrating with these systems.



Please see Documentation for a (hopefully) better starting point. (But that isn't really complete yet, so what you see below is left intact in the meantime.)

Please understand that the documentation for Rattail is very much a work in progress. Some aspects have received more recent / thorough treatment than others, but it remains somewhat sparse...

Some documentation is maintained along with the various Python software packages; see here for that list.

There is still an older wiki available also; the content of which is mostly if not entirely outdated. Proceed there at your own risk. (Use guest / guest for the HTTP auth credentials.)


Please see the Rattail Trac for source code, bug tracker, etc.

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